Break Post Extension Enhancement

19. August 2010 11:28

I often like to break my post when I write a blog, to make the scrolling a bit less and not so cluttered.  I use the Extension Break Post that comes with  By default you can put in your text [ more ] (minus the spaces).  To show a link that will take you to the full post with the link text being “More…”.  I have enhanced the extension so you can put [ more ]What ever you want[/ more ] (again no spaces, in the tags); this will change the link text to whatever is in between the tags.  Or you can still use the default if you choose.   Read on for more about the Break Post and get the file (see what I did there!)…

WSPBuilder - Changing the Solution Name

13. August 2010 09:55

I like using WSPBuilder for my SharePoint projects and if you do much SharePoint development, it is an absolute must have tool.  One of the issues I ran into with the IDE in Visual Studio 2008 is when you create the WSP it was giving it a name that I did not care for.  If you renamed it and then try using the deploy command you will get an error.  Thanks to “Bill Simser | Name that WSP” blog, it turns out it very simple to define the naming of the file.


He does it a bit different and probably explains it better than me; the concept is the same.  I keep a folder of code that I often reuse (i.e. config files).  I copied over the WSPBuilder.exe.config file to this folder; my root config file was at “C:\Program Files\WSPTools\WSPBuilderExtensions”.  I added the key (Read More)

jQueryUI - selectable() set to single item

11. August 2010 12:32

The jQueryUI Selectable by default will select multiple items, either by the lasso or by holding the control button.   There is not an option to set the interface for a single item.  So what I have done is on the stop selecting event use a function that will only select the first item of the selected and set the remainder to un-selected.  Continue reading to see the code and a downloadable sample page.  More...

How to Output jQuery Ajax XML to the Page

4. August 2010 09:16

When I am developing jQuery applications against SharePoint lists, I often need to see the output of the raw XML that is returned from the server.  I am mostly interested in the values that are not part of the default schema.  To see the output I create an html page that has a div tag in the body on the complete event of the ajax call I set the div text to the xml responseText.  By doing this the div text will html encode the output to the page.  I normally will copy the text and put it in Visual Studio to help format the output to make it more readable.  Read more to see the sample code or download the file; don’t forget to update the url to your to your target site..... More...

SharePoint People Editor onChange Event

30. March 2010 08:29

Like many people that develop SharePoint Application, I use the PeopleEditor user control.  Nice little control that you can put on the page if you want to be able to select people\groups just like it does in SharePoint pages. 

Recently I had a web form that had a control (PeopleEditor) for closed by and a corresponding textbox on it was closed date.  What I wanted is that when the Closed By value changed the Closed Date textbox would default to the current date.  The OnValueChangedClientScript event worked to an extent.  It was truly on the value though but if you were to delete the value the script did not fire.  If the value was not resolved right away then the script did not run, so in short it did not run until a value was resolved.  I should point out as I recall the script reacted as I wanted in FireFox.  All my SP Users are on IE; if you are wondering why I use FireFox when all my users are IE, I do it for client side debugging with FireBug.

I created a solution with jQuery and the biggest thing I really don’t like about it is that I had to hard code server control ids, because I was unable to find the property that would give it to me in the <%= %>.  Right or wrong this is what I did, I am sure there are other ways of doing it. Read More....